A popular trend making a smokey eye

Making a smokey eye can be time-consuming and difficult, but we have a quick and easy alternative for you that has become a popular trend. Instead of using multiple eyeshadow shades, a smokey eye can be created with just one product: an eye pencil.

Here's how it's done:

1. Choose a dark eye pencil in a dark color such as black, dark brown, or charcoal.

2. Make a slanted hashtag (#) above the outer corners of your eyes, keeping your lines thin and precise.

3. Blend the lines with a smudger brush, such as our 758 Large Smudge brush, in circular motions until the edges are soft and diffused.

4. If you want to intensify the look, add more pencil and blend until you reach the desired level of intensity.

Hey presto! You have a stunning smokey eye that is both light and dark in the appropriate places. This method is ideal for a night out or when you don't have much time.

Using our 758 Large Smudge brush will ensure that you achieve the best results. It has tightly packed, incredibly soft bristles that smoothly blend and smudge pencil lines for a finished product with a professional appearance.

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From all of us at Bdellium Tools, best wishes! 💛