About US

We create makeup tools to offer more choices and better control over application in professional beauty and special effects makeup. Our goal is to continually design new, unique and innovative makeup tools to support makeup artistry and creative expression.

Bdellium Tools [DELL-ee-uhm] started in Los Angeles in 2009. Our products are designed in California and custom manufactured by a team of skilled artisans at our factory in China. In this way, the quality and integrity of each piece can be guaranteed. We also produce and design custom-branded products for larger clients.

A total of 6 unique and affordable brush lines have been created to fit the needs and preferences of each individual customer. All of our products are cruelty-free!

The Studio and Travel Lines feature professional makeup brushes with the classic 7-layer lacquered yellow handle with an anodized aluminum ferrule. The Maestro Series features a collection of luxurious makeup brushes with nickel-plated brass ferrules. Each brush in our Studio and Maestro series consists of an optimized mix of natural and/or synthetic hairs to achieve the perfect form and stiffness compatible with the function of the brush.  The Green BambuYellow BambuPurple Bambu and Pink Bambu Series are eco-friendly makeup brushes with sustainable bamboo handles, all-vegan, soft synthetic bristles, and an anodized aluminum ferrule. The SFX Series is an all-vegan brush line specifically designed for special effects makeup. The Golden Triangle Series is an ergonomic line created with all-vegan, soft synthetic bristles encased in brass ferrule with blue-lacquered, wooden triangular-shaped handles.

We are also proud to share our line of BDHD brushes, a design-patented 2-in-1 brush for application and blending, and our Cosmetic Brush Cleansers with cleaning pad for keeping tools clean and nourished.

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