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Take your eye makeup game to the next level

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Today, we have an exciting makeup tip to share with you that will take your eye makeup game to the next level. Get ready to discover the art of tightlining and achieve a bold yet natural look effortlessly!

Tightlining: The Key to Fuller, Defined Eyes

Have you ever heard of tightlining? It's a little-known technique that makeup artists have loved for years, often referring to it as "invisible eyeliner." But don't worry if you haven't tried it yet; you're not alone! Tightlining involves lining your upper waterline—the area inside the lash line—to create the illusion of thicker lashes and bring out the natural shape of your eyes.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you master the tightlining technique:

Step 1: Prep Your Lashes Before you begin, curl your lashes gently to get a better view of where they grow out of your lid. Take your time and become familiar with your lashes and lids, knowing where they meet.


Step 2: Dry Your Waterline To ensure a smooth application, "dry" your waterline with a Q-tip. Simply roll it over your waterline before applying the pencil line.


Step 3: Choose the Right Liner Select your preferred eyeliner type. Some makeup artists recommend a sharpened pencil liner, while others prefer gel eyeliner. Make sure to sharpen your pencil for precise application and less smudging.


Step 4: Pick the Perfect Color Consider your complexion when choosing your eyeliner color. Browns and taupes work well for fair skin, while dark blacks and jeweled tones add a touch of drama. Test the color by drawing a thick line just under the lash line and observe how it enhances your eyes.


Step 5: Apply to Your Upper and Lower Waterlines Hold down your bottom lid and, using short, swift strokes, draw a line along your bottom rim. For the top rim, hold up your lid with your fingers and draw in the line. You can also use an angled eyeliner brush for precise application.


Step 6: Set With Powder To ensure long-lasting wear, use an eyeliner brush to apply a powder of your choice to the waterline. This will seal the eyeliner and prevent smudging throughout the day. Remember to tap off any excess powder before application.


Consider a Brush: Use a flat brush, such as the acclaimed 714 Flat Eye Definer brush, for even more exact application and control. Its flat shape makes it possible to draw precise, acute lines, which makes tightlining simple.

We hope this quick makeup tip has inspired you to experiment with tightlining and discover the magic it can bring to your makeup looks. 

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